With high-quality ceramics from Danish Clay Design, I aim to bring value to even the small moments of everyday life and enrich your home with beautiful and simple design in earthy colors.

Like the potter Bernard Leach, I also believe that the quality of the things that surround us impacts our lives.

I appreciate handmade products, where one can see and feel the craftsmanship behind them – with ceramics from Danish Clay Design I aim to bring you this experience.

Photo: Kirstine Autzen


On a study trip to Japan with the Royal Danish Academy’s School of Design, I fell in love with Japanese aesthetics and culture.

As a result, my ceramic expression and primary source of inspiration are a blend of Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics (the beauty of imperfection) and the potter’s repetition. An eternal struggle between sharp precision and letting the material speak for itself.

The craft

For me, form and aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality and great design – a solid foundation that I continue to explore.

Since I am curious about the material and what it contributes to the process and the final result, I often only produce small batches. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that there will be more in the same series.

However, the DNA of Danish Clay Design will always remain.

Photo: Kirstine Autzen


I develop my own glazes. Therefore, you will not find harmful substances like lead or cadmium in the glazes I use.

During the glaze firing, temperature and the atmosphere in the kiln play a significant role, and a few degrees’ difference can result in vastly different expressions in the glazes. The thickness of the glaze can also produce different effects.

All items are hand-thrown and glazed, making each piece of ceramic unique.

Product care

If you take good care of your ceramics from Danish Clay Design, it can last for many generations.

All items are thrown in stoneware clay and are therefore dishwasher safe. However, make sure that the items do not collide with anything during the washing.

Handwashing is a good alternative if you want to take extra care of your ceramics.